Vail Dance Festival

The 2019 Vail Dance Festival was a very different festival for me because for the first time I was there solely as a choreographer instead of a dancer. Normally I dance in two pieces an evening over the two week festival, but there I was able to put all of my time and energy into choreographing my new piece Thousandth Orange.

After months of a fun Instagram friendship back and forth, it was great to finally meet in person. Jennifer Garner is everything you would think of and more! Thank you for all of your support and being so down to earth!

Thousandth Orange gets the title from its composer Caroline Shaw, who tells a beautiful story about how she thinks every single orange is unique and intricate when you peel it; furthermore, for her, the thousandth one is just as beautiful as the first. I took this idea and created an opening tableau that I called my orange tree. My cast was a team of all-stars; my favorite dancers and also amazing human beings who work hard and made the creative process so enjoyable. I was lucky enough to have Herman Cornejo (ABT), Isabella Boylston (ABT), Lauren Lovette (NYCB), Roman Mejia (NYCB), Christopher Grant (NYCB), and India Bradley (NYCB). The wonderful Brandon Stirling Baker was the lighting designer and I used my Tiler Peck Designs™ leotards from Body Wrappers® for the costumes!!!

Thousandth Orange dancers wearing Tiler Peck Designs style P1150 Black w/ Gold

The piece turned out to be something I was very proud of and it felt like my first actual “real” piece because it had 6 dancers and was about 12 minutes long. The world debut of Thousandth Orange was greatly received by the audience and I look forward to hopefully having another chance for audiences to see it. This experience definitely showed me that I love to choreograph and look forward to many more opportunities to work on this side of my craft.

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