Ups and Downs of the Winter Season

With the retirement of our boss, Ballet Master in Chief Peter Martins, the winter season was filled with many emotions. As a dancer who has been in the company for 14 years, it is extremely strange to not have the director you have known and relied on around in the theater. It took a lot of will power from every dancer to keep this season afloat and as one of the Principals, it was a strong priority of mine to keep the level of dancing at it’s highest.

Over the course of the six week season, I danced ten different ballets in 28 performances; sometimes two ballets an evening. In the first three weeks, I had already danced Balanchine’s The Four Temperaments & Apollo; Jerome Robbins’ Dances at a Gathering & The Four Seasons; Angelin Prejlocaj’s Spectral Evidence; Mauro Bigonzetti’s Oltremare, and Peter Walker’s premiere of Dance Odyssey. It’s definitely a blessing and a curse to be onstage so much. On one side, you grow so much as an artist the more you can perform a role and be onstage and on the other hand your body can only take so much.

Dance Odyssey with Zachary Catazaro, choreographer Peter Walker, Ashley Laracey, and Adrian Danchig-Waring

Apollo with Indiana Woodward, Ashly Isaacs, and Adrian

Apollo with Adrian

Fall in The Four Seasons with Joaquin De Luz

Oltremare with Amar Ramasar

During the second week of the season my hip started bothering me and I had to deal with it for the rest of the five weeks through the last day of the season. What can I say? Ballerinas are built tough and we have an amazing staff of physical therapists that keep us healthy. The important thing is to know how to listen to your body; when you can push through and when you need to stop. I was able to push through the last three weeks dancing Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Symphony in Three Movements and Le Basier de la fée.

Romeo and Juliet with Zachary Catazaro

In rehearsal of Romeo and Juliet with Zach

Post performance

Symphony in 3 Movements

In rehearsal with Patti McBride, the role’s originator of Baiser de le fee

The season was entirely fulfilling and one I can look back on and say, “I literally don’t know how I got through it.” Every moment onstage is a special one and I cherish every time I step on that stage!

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