Tutus and Touchdowns, Los Cabos, Dancewear Corner appearance, and The Kennedy Center

Immediately following NYCB’s Winter Season, my “layoff” was filled with a completely packed traveling schedule. I kept myself extremely busy traveling from New York to Ohio, to Mexico, to Florida, to Washington, DC!

My first stop was to Canton, Ohio to perform at the Tutus and Touchdown event in support of the Football Hall of Fame. This event was to help spread the love for dance and football, which is highly regarded in this town, and show how they intermingle. As the daughter of a (former) college football coach, I have always had a deep love for the game. Getting to see the Football Hall of Fame and share photos with my father was very special.

Tiler wearing her design style P1043 Dotted Shrug with Zachary Catazaro, Principal, New York City Ballet

I then rushed off to Los Cabos, which was my first trip to Mexico, to perform with the one and only Lil Buck at Gala de la Danza. I honestly cannot say enough about this place and the gala. From the day I arrived I was literally left speechless. The beauty of Mexico mixed with the tremendous talent of the gala, made me instantly want to go back yearly if they will have me!

Tiler with Lil Buck

Tiler in her design style P1102 Romantic Lace Bra with Lil Buck

After the last performance in Mexico, I headed to Florida to teach a master class and show my Tiler Peck Designs™ line at DanceWear Corner. I love sharing my knowledge with the younger generation and I try to help them succeed anyway I can! To top the entire event off, Dancewear Corner created a fashion show for me where dancers modeled my leotards while I commented on what I love most about each unique design. It was so gratifying to see students of various ages in my leotards and to hear how much they love them!

Tiler teaching in her design style P1101 Romantic Lace Leotard with Body Wrappers Brushed shorts style 7321

Tiler Peck Designs styles P1220 dress, style P1030 bra & P1015 brief, style P1131 boy-cut leotard

My layoff then came to an end with our annual NYCB tour to The Kennedy Center, which feels like my second home after spending so much time in DC during the Little Dancer run. I look forward to returning to the Kennedy Center every year because of my many fond memories and because the KC team feels almost like family.

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