The Seattle Premiere of the Documentary Ballet Now

Almost a year ago exactly, I curated three performances at The Music Center in Los Angeles. I was the first female asked by the Music Center to curate these evenings of dance called BalletNOW and I jumped at the opportunity. Ballet Now the Hulu documentary, is a film directed by Steven Cantor, produced by Elisabeth Moss and in association with Vulcan Productions, that follows my journey as a first time artistic director and all that accompanies that job description, while dancing in the performances as well.

I am beyond grateful that all of the ups and downs of those four days are captured on film because at the time, I was under so much pressure and time constraint, that I didn’t have time to fully absorb what was actually happening. I hope the film inspires women to step out of their comfort zones and try things they never thought possible. That’s exactly what I did and I can say that putting together BalletNOW is one of the proudest moments of my career.

The best part of this Seattle premiere was watching the film with my mother and grandma and seeing them react for the first time. They made so many sacrifices for me over the years so I could become a professional dancer, so watching them experience the film is something I will always remember.

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