The NYCB Fall Season: A Season of Memorable Performances and a Farewell

The NYCB Fall Season approached and ended faster than expected. It is only a four week season so it always appears that it will be an easier season, yet somehow it is usually jam packed with difficult ballets. Luckily, I have absolutely no complaints — I was able to perform many of my all time favorite ballets during this four week season and certain performances I will never forget!

I can arguably say that I danced my favorite Tchaikovsky Pas De Deux’s ever during this season; however, it was bittersweet. I had the best time dancing with Joaquin De Luz; yet, it was difficult to come to terms with the fact that this would be our last Tchai Pas ever together at NYCB due to his impending retirement the last day of the season. I will never forget the fun we had dancing with abandon and enjoying every moment together nor will I forget the audience’s reaction. It felt like they were with us the entire time!

Another special performance for me this fall was the premiere of Petrushka at New York City Center’s Fall For Dance. Our version of Petrushka was a reimagined hip-hop version with Lil Buck as Petrushka, Brooklyn Mack as the Moor, and me as the ballerina. It was so artistically fulfilling, intertwining and fusing our various styles together, and I think it made for a very enthralling piece that I look forward to revisiting one day.

Fast forward and two days after literally break dancing on my head in Petrushka, I was in fifth position about to dance one of the most classical ballets of all time, Theme in Variations, with my long term dance partner and friend Joaquin. Before the curtain came up we hugged each other and tears filled my eyes. I couldn’t actually believe that he was retiring and that this in fact, would be my last dance ever with him on this stage. Theme is a particularly special ballet for us because I made my debut in it alongside him ten years prior. This final performance was something I will always keep close to my heart as well as the memory of our last bows together in front of the curtain. I like to think that for us, this is just the ending of an era dancing at NYCB, but hopefully we will still have many more chances to dance together on other stages!

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