Sugarplum Fairy-ing Around

December is a time for the Nutcracker and a lot of Sugar Plum Fairy performances. I always love this time of year because it feels like I am spreading Christmas magic to so many families. When I was eleven years old my parents took me to George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker® at the New York City Ballet and that performance made me want to be a ballerina and dance in the New York City Ballet. I just hope that I am able to inspire some young girls in the audience to want to become a ballerina just as the Sugar Plum Fairy did for my eleven year old self.

Chamberlain. Angels in waiting 🙂

Not only did I perform in the New York City Ballet’s Nutcracker production during the month of December, but I also guested as the Sugar Plum Fairy with Chamberlain Performing Arts in Dallas, Next Generation Ballet in Tampa, and Pacific Festival Ballet in Thousand Oaks. I love sharing the stage with so many little ones and to see their determined and eager faces. I get such a sense of pleasure and gratification inspiring these little ones to dream big.

Sugar plum at NYCB with my cavalier Joseph Gordon

Thousand Oaks with Gonzalo Garcia

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