My First Performance Back with NYCB

Lying in bed, I can’t sleep and am wondering if last night was a dream? Fortunately, it wasn’t! Last night was my return to the New York City Ballet stage after a ten month long and very serious injury. I kept pretty private about the injury because in the beginning I couldn’t even talk about it; but instead, needed to just focus on my recovery. It definitely has been a long journey and one of immense personal growth.

Last night I felt like a different ballerina; more generous, more open and loving, and so grateful for every single moment. I can’t thank enough, all of the people that made this return possible. It took a village and I wouldn’t have been on stage last night without you. I didn’t do it… WE did!

Thank you New York City for surrounding me with such a warm returning welcome, @t_angled for partnering me with so much love and care, and to my New York City Ballet family standing in the wings, for making me feel so overwhelmed with love ❤️❤️❤️ #ballerina #nycballet #family #sugarplumfairy #nutcracker

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