Giving Back & Inspiring The Next Generation

Something that is very important to me is giving back to the next generation of dancers. I love teaching master classes and doing Q & A’s for aspiring dancers. I can remember how pivotal my teachers were in my development as a young dancer and my hope is that I am able to inspire and pass along the knowledge I have learned to them. Dance is such a visual art form and sometimes just seeing a professional dancer in the front of the room can inspire and make a world of a difference.

Q&A at Steps on Broadway

Master class and Q&A at Bakersfield Dance Company

Growing up I wanted to dance just like my teachers and because I was such a visual learner, I would copy every single move I was taught. By teaching master classes, I hope that the dancers will learn from watching my demonstrations and listen to the corrections and advice I offer and incorporate them into every dance class and dance performance. I love to end by opening up to questions because I know how much it means to get answers from someone who has been in the exact same place and understands what it takes to be a dancer. Professional dancing is a hard career that takes much dedication, inner strength, intelligence and sacrifice, but it is oh so worth it!

Master class and Q&A at Vail International Dance Festival

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